The number and complexity of regulations introduced into the legal order makes it difficult for business entities to maintain compliance with the binding provisions. ATL Law Firm offers its clients the development of individual compliance programmes. Their implementation allows for minimising business risk: limiting image losses, loss of clients, financial penalties, civil, criminal and fiscal liability, as well as the risk of cancellation of concluded contracts and liability for damages.

Compliance – scope of services offered:

  • conducting due diligence process (multi-level analysis of the company in terms of its commercial, financial, legal and tax standing)
  • identification of risks, analysis of internal regulations and company documents in terms of their compliance with the law
  • creation of internal procedures and rules of operation – implementation of legal regulations into the internal organizational and legal order of the company
  • creation of model contracts and clauses in accordance with the applicable legal regulations
  • analysis of existing protection tools against unfair competition; development and implementation of a new protection strategy
  • development and implementation of a crisis management model
  • participation and legal advisory during inspections of control bodies, representation in public administration and civil proceedings
  • support for clients in cooperation with regulatory authorities and services
  • support for companies in internal proceedings and audits
  • training of employees and management board members in specific areas of law covered by the compliance programme
  • ongoing monitoring of the compliance programme

The solutions proposed by ATL Law experts are tailored to the specific activity of the business entity, as well as to the individual needs and business objectives of the Client. We identify threats and limit the risk of their occurrence in the future.

We will present a specific offer during a meeting with our experts in our offices in Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw.