Banking and insurance law

ATL Law specialists provide legal assistance to clients of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. We advise clients on the liability issues of these institutions, attaching particular importance to the analysis of the contractual provisions applied by these institutions in terms of the inclusion of prohibited contractual clauses.

Banking law – scope of services offered:

  • analysis of agreements concluded with banks, in particular within the scope of bank account, loan and leasing agreements,
  • conducting court cases against banks, e.g. in relation to loan agreements indexed to Swiss franc
  • legal assistance in the process of applying for removal of credit enquiries from the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), as well as providing support in other matters relating to personal data processing by banks
  • legal advice on establishing and transferring collateral,
  • drawing up opinions on banking law

Private insurance law – scope of cooperation:

  • analysis of insurance agreements,
  • conducting cases concerning application of prohibited contractual clauses concerning, among others, the so-called polisolokaty,
  • advising on insurer’s liability for damages, representation during court proceedings in cases for compensation or benefits under insurance agreements concluded,
  • preparation of opinions on private insurance law.