Business & Corporate law

ATL Law offers full legal services for business activities. We advise on the choice of the most optimal form of business, both from the tax and organisational point of view. While undertaking specific legal solutions, we take into account the specificity of a given industry, as well as the client’s business environment. We support companies in strategic investment transactions.

Our law firm has extensive experience in working on behalf of foreign entities, including entities from outside the European Union.

The scope of services offered:

  • preparation of analyses, reports and legal opinions necessary to take key business decisions
  • drafting contracts and preparing opinions on commercial contracts, including contracts with foreign entities
  • preparation of draft notarial deeds in the course of business and providing opinions thereon
  • auditing and drafting internal company regulations
  • participation in trade negotiations
  • conducting comprehensive legal audits, including for the purpose of investment transactions; detailed analysis of the legal status of business entities (due diligence)
  • legal support of investment transactions of M&A type and joint venture
  • advice on the establishment of structures based on contractual trust management
  • advice on securing assets in the event of possible insolvency or loss of financial liquidity
  • counselling on the choice of an optimal legal form of conducting business activities, including transformations of entrepreneurs into capital companies

Providing legal services in the field of corporate and company law is one of the main areas of ATL Law’s activity. The legal solutions proposed by the ATL Law team allow our clients to achieve their business goals. We protect the interests of companies, board members, shareholders and partners. We minimise the risk of disputes. We have experience in working with entities operating in various sectors of the economy.

Corporate legal services include:

  • advice on the operation of all types of commercial companies and other business entities
  • assistance in the establishment and registration of companies, including drafting contracts, articles of association and regulations for supervisory boards and management boards
  • day-to-day corporate services for commercial law companies, including preparation of draft resolutions of companies’ bodies, organisation and conduct of (general) shareholders’ meetings and meetings of supervisory boards and management boards
  • advice on and preparation of draft documents relating to: disposal and encumbrance of shares in companies; share capital increases and decreases; amendments to company agreements or statutes; redemption of shares; compulsory purchase and repurchase of shares; conclusion of management agreements, non-competition agreements and other agreements with members of management boards and other management personnel; dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • legal assistance in transformation, merger and division of commercial law companies
  • representation in registration proceedings and other proceedings related to the functioning of commercial companies and partnerships
  • conducting legal audits of commercial law companies (due diligence)
  • support in establishing and operation of branches of foreign companies in the territory of Poland
  • preparation of legal opinions.

ATL Law also represents clients in bankruptcy proceedings and restructuring processes. Our legal advisers support companies fulfilling the prerequisites for bankruptcy/restructuring proceedings, bankruptcy trustees, court supervisors, administrators and creditors.

Services relating to company restructuring and bankruptcy:

  • legal services from the moment of filing a bankruptcy petition until the completion or discontinuance of bankruptcy proceedings
  • advice on how to carry out bankruptcy/restructuring
  • preparation of arrangement proposals and negotiations with creditors
  • representation of the company before the bankruptcy court/restructuring court and the judge-commissioner
  • representation in court cases related to bankruptcy/restructuring proceedings, including cases for declaring legal acts ineffective in relation to the bankruptcy estate
  • preparation of claims declarations.

If you have any questions concerning the details of our offer, please contact our experts. We are waiting for you in our offices in Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw.