Protection of competition and consumers

The Firm provides legal advice on competition and consumer protection law. We identify practices that limit competition, support companies in the area of business concentration, represent clients in proceedings before the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and the courts. Regardless of the type and scale of business activity, we support companies in achieving their goals and minimise the risk of violation of regulations.

The firm’s legal advice includes, in particular:

  • preparation and implementation of solutions in the company in terms of compliance of market activities with Polish and EU competition law; antimonopoly risk assessment
  • analysis of agreements in terms of provisions that may be deemed competition-restrictive; drafting new model agreements – eliminating the risk of considering a given provision as competition-restrictive practice
  • analysis of an economic entity’s behaviours in terms of the possibility to recognise certain actions as an abuse of dominant position
  • the introduction of solutions to prevent infringement of competition rules by employees and collaborators of the entrepreneur
  • support for entrepreneurs in disputes with competitors and protection against activities of competitors that may be regarded as unfair competition
  • comprehensive legal services in the area of consumer protection, including inter alia analysis of consumer contracts in terms of their compliance with the applicable legal standards in the area of consumer rights protection, including the existence of abusive clauses; preparation of new models taking into account the existing case-law
  • support in selection of remedies for violations
  • participation in UOKiK inspections, representation of entrepreneurs in explanatory and antimonopoly proceedings before the President of UOKiK and appeal proceedings before courts
  • assessment of the obligation of entrepreneurs to notify the UOKiK President or the European Commission of their intention to concentrate, preparation of the notification and representation of clients in the course of concentration proceedings

We have experience in providing legal advice to entities representing a wide range of industries. We provide services to Polish and foreign clients.

Should you have any additional questions, we encourage you to contact our experts in our offices in Cracow, Katowice and Warsaw.