Labour law and social security law

ATL Law lawyers provide employers with comprehensive legal assistance in all areas of human resources management. Our support includes advice on labour law, where we provide individually developed solutions that cover all aspects relevant to the company, its business objectives and the specifics of its operations, ensuring its legal security.

Labour law – scope of support:

  • advising on employment structures, the establishment and termination of employment relationships, including when hiring and firing managerial staff (board members and senior managers),
  • advising on other forms of employment (flexible forms of employment, civil law contracts, temporary work),
  • preparation of employee documentation, including employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, agreements on incurring employee training costs, employee liability agreements,
  • drawing up internal regulations (work regulations, remuneration regulations, company social benefits fund regulations),
  • preparation and analysis of existing collective agreements and other agreements between the employer and employee representation
  • development of anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies,
  • creation of company policies, codes of ethics, employee monitoring and privacy policies, policies for use of employer’s property,
  • counseling on employment restructuring, support in group layoffs,
  • legal assistance in acquisition of workplaces, integration of teams after the acquisition or merger of companies,
  • legal due diligence in the field of labour law and carrying out labour law audits,
  • tax advice on employee benefits,
  • support in inspections of the State Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and inspections of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Every employer faces social security challenges, which requires not only knowledge of the regulations but also up-to-date interpretation by the social security institution and the courts.  ATL Law specialists provide legal assistance in the field of social security both to companies and individuals. The ATL Law team recommends solutions that allow to minimise the risk of negative effects of a Social Security control. We accompany companies at each stage of the control proceedings.

The scope of social security legal assistance offered is:

  • representation of employers in disputes with the Social Insurance Institution and before the labour court
  • support in matters of compulsory social insurance, including the drafting of appeals against decisions of the social insurance institution or decisions of the medical examiners (also for natural persons)
  • analysing employee benefits from the point of view of the obligation to make insurance contributions and the obligation to pay tax, including in cases where these arise from legal relationships other than employment relationships
  • support in determining and obtaining the right to social insurance benefits,
  • advice on determining the income which does not constitute the basis for calculating social insurance contributions and in the situation of concurrence of insurance titles
  • representation of employers in cases of compensation claimed from the employer in connection with accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • optimization of costs related to the contribution of contracts with employees
  • preparation of requests for interpretations to pension and disability benefit authorities
  • preparation of appeals against decisions of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

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